Greetings! I'm Russ Irving, someone who's been called a Modern-Day Renaissance Man. (Probably because I have worked in the private, government, and non-profit sectors, in a wide variety of positions, including that of a company president.)

Managers and CEOs, alike, face a myriad of challenges. Some 'as old as time', while others arrive with the speed of the a Nascar contender.

I hope that you will order & read my books and invite me to address your (businesses') needs & concerns.

What To Expect from The Book

Whether you are a business owner, executive, or manager, your work life is simultaneously: Exciting, yet mundane. Financially profitable and draining of resources. Stable, yet always on the verge of achieving new heights or falling off of a cliff into the depths of a ravine. Where days pass all too quickly, or seem to never end. A source of new relationships and a wedge between existing and dear-to-your-heart ones. Where tried and true principles still can exist, while new ones challenge you to keep up.

Businesses fail with great frequency, The economy rises and falls, with the heaving of the stock exchanges and monetary ruling bodies. Schools churn out countless young women and men, all hoping to be the next Warren Buffet, Martha Stewart, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, or Martha Lane Fox. Yet, so many of these hopefuls are employed as waitresses, stock boys, or entry-level assistant managers at the local fast food emporium. Society pages speak of longterm marriages on-the-rocks or which have already plummeted to their death. Embezzlers, swindlers, and con artists appear on wanted posters, on American Greed, and in your PC's emails. Vacations tend to involve smartphones bulging from swim trunks, tennis shorts, and purses. Family time tends to revolve around any spare moment when you can actually 'get away from it all'. Technology has transformed many a business, while some languish by the roadside, along with other vestiges of a time gone by. 24-hour news cycles hawk exclusives with the latest scandals' victims. Social media exposes our daily quirks. Minutiae which used to be our own business now belongs to 'The Public-At-Large'.

What do we do about this? What can you do about this?

Maximize Your Business Success – Don't Overlook the Obvious is a part of the answer.

* It is a guide, if you will, with brief strategies, truisms, and ideas, which when turned into action, should help your business and professional life to grow.

* It should help novice as well as seasoned executives and entrepreneurs to reach new heights of success.

* It should be 'must reading' for business, trade, and law school students, among others, who want a leg up when they find themselves smack in the middle of 'The Workplace'.

* It should help to free-up time and energy so that friends and family, as well as 'alone time', get their fair share of you.

There are no chapters. Because every day brings new issues with which to contend. And they seldom arrive in any specific order or even with the same amount of importance

Repetition is the key to learning almost anything (as any teacher knows), as well as a key to changing behaviors. (Which is why we remember and often act upon frequently aired advertisements). Also, people respond better to some phrases than they do to others. Therefore, I have repeated some messages, with different wording.

That's obvious.” or “Trite.” - These are expected comments to some of the pages' contents.

But, we tend to overlook 'The Obvious' in our daily life. We tend to make problems overly complex and difficult to solve. We forget that simply expressed ideas are so often, ultimately, the most vital.

Haven't you read about or even experienced a situation where you think, "How could they have let such a simple matter result in the business crumbling, give way to new competitors, or fail due to not heeding the most basic of concepts?"

It's often 'The Obvious' solution that is going to provide the best results. (Not necessarily the simplest one to implement, but the best option, when all is said and done.)

No one size fits all, in shoes, or in the workplace. There is no 'magic bullet' or single 'key to success', so not everything will apply to all readers. -- You should instinctively know what makes sense for your particular situation, when you read it. -- And, because life, work, and needs change, what applies today might not tomorrow, and so on. Thus, making this a perfect 'ongoing' reference book.

Another way to tap into Russ' Skills

Russ is available to speak, conduct workshops, consult, and more!

He will help you and your staff to find the answers that elude you.

And, he will do it in an engaging fashion!

Contact him at Russ@MaximizeYourBusinessSuccess.com!